• AC Custom Installation

    Custom AC conduits, ducts, panels and more

  • Centralized or Distributive Architechture

    We specialize in both, Centralized or Distributed Architecture bus bars, power plants, back up systems and more.

  • DC Cabling

    Cabling is installed per Telecom, GR1275 Telcordia Standards and/or per local regulations.

  • Battery Installation or Removals

    We are the experts in this field. New Installs, Old Removals, etc.

  • Legacy Power Plant Maintenance, Removals, Replacements

    If you have a legacy power plant, parts, etc. we can provide you with variety of services to maintain, replace, remove, install new, etc. and we have access to old obsolete parts as well…


Airwaves Telecom LLC is a full EF&I (Engineer Furnish and Install) firm and able to provide TURN KEY Engineering and Installation services for any project and any customer.

Our Engineers are qualified and certified in old and new technology such as GE, Tyco, Lineage2000, Lucent, Emerson, EnerSys, C&D, Eltek-Valere, Marconi, Lorain, Peco II and many more.

    • GE (Tyco, Lucent, Lineage 2000)
    • Emerson
    • Eltek-Valere
    • Marconi
    • Lorain
    • EnerSys
    • C&D Technonologies

More Info

Our Engineers and Power Technicians have completed projects from one cable to full central office build outs. Our staff is trained in all types of power equipment and have experience in all types of mission-critical environments.

Since all of our projects are technical in nature, our Engineering Department is involved throughout the life of each project to ensure the success of each.

Engineering will conduct complete on-site evaluations and prepare detailed report packages not only for the scope of work provided by the customer but also for existing conditions of the power equipment to identify any potential system risks or future power capability and/or capacity issues.

Airwaves Telecom has extensive knowledge in both, AC and DC power distribution systems from the building’s commercial AC entry point to the last piece of equipment that is connected to any distribution source such as power bays, BDFBs, Converters, Inverters, AC Panels, etc.

What will Airwaves Telecom bring to you?

With today’s fast-paced growing, expending and upgrading technologies around us, it’s hard to keep track of new requirements, standards and just plain understanding of how things work and what needs to be done in order to retire old equipment, install new equipment in its place, add a brand new power plant to support another customer/collocation services or just simply remove older/non working equipment to make room for future growth.

Airwaves Telecom keeps track of all the changes and constantly on a lookout for training courses for new technology. We will always help and educate each customer with every step of the way to make sure customer has a clear understanding on each piece of equipment after the job is completed and project is turned over to the customer.


Airwaves Telecom will ALWAYS support customer’s personnel and be available 24/7 and will help out with any out of scope projects or Emergency jobs anytime. We are available and geared to preform contract work in case of an emergency and/or to preform site surveys and engineering work while other Engineers are busy or unavailable.

Quotations for each project will always be very detailed and will have all required information for the entire scope of work and also including the existing conditions of each power plant/affected equipment.


We will always collaborate very closely with our customer and recommend best values on every project from the time of the initial site survey to the end of the project.

With in-house designed applications and tools we can automate daily Engineering and Installation tasks and activities to make it easier for tracking changes, upcoming upgrades, additions and/or removals.

Customers will have access to each project through our B2B web-based applications and will be able to collaborate with all personnel with ease.

Detail Analysis

Provide detail analysis of old technology, equipment and recommend the best solution available on the market. Airwaves Telecom will assist and provide support for efficiency, space saving, decreasing the amount of power used on daily basis at the facilities owned or rented by our customers.

Help you with needs to replace old equipment, technology to accommodate today’s speeds, standards, FCC requirements and regulations, including all local standards, practices and regulations.